Not just another day at the office...

We make cool stuff, and we need you to help us make that stuff cool! Surevine gives its people a platform to develop their individual talents into strengths in an environment which expects creativity and is obsessive about innovation.

Who we are looking for

Developer? Show us your code! It matters to us and we want it to matter to you.
We'd rather not do this, but if you don't have an online professional profile send us your CV.

Reasons to join

  1. Opportunity to work amongst a team of exceptional developers working on and with the latest technologies
  2. Be part of an agile, delivery-focussed team with daily stand-ups, fortnightly sprints, and retrospectives
  3. Our belief in self-managed teams and reliance on self-motivated people
  4. Our Directors aren’t hidden away. They are accessible and involved. They are our co-workers
  5. Chance to work in an fast-moving innovative environment with some tough problems for you to help us solve
  6. Everyone is provided with a budget to kit out their workspace and make it cooler and more productive than they would ever get in a corporate cube
  7. We don’t wear suits (often)
  8. One of our hubs has free beer on tap; all day long.

We are an Employer positive about Mental Health

We support the mental wellbeing of our employees by formally agreeing to follow these values:

  1. To provide non-judgemental and proactive support to employees experiencing mental ill-health

  2. To not make assumptions about a person with a mental health condition and their ability to work

  3. To be positive and enabling toward all employees and applicants with a mental health condition

  4. To support line managers in managing mental health in the workplace

  5. To ensure we are fair in the recruitment of new staff in accordance with the Equality Act (2010)

  6. To make it clear that people who have experienced mental ill-health will not be discriminated against, and that disclosure of a mental health conditions will enable both the employee and employer to assess and provide the right level of support or adjustment


Flexible working hours

Distributed working

Conference and events attendance is a must

Co-working hubs in Bristol and London

All-company get togethers every quarter

Cycle scheme

Pension & life cover

Never miss a sports day again