The Opportunity

Surevine’s mission is to build and deliver secure, scalable, collaboration solutions for the most security conscious organisations, enabling collaboration on their most highly sensitive information. We hire software engineers who are adaptable, curious, and driven to make great engineering solutions.

How we work

You will have exposure to engineering techniques across the lifecycle: e.g., cloud engineering, test-driven development, experimentation, prototyping, automation. You’re not an engineering zealot or process follower and have good judgement about when to apply the right tools to the job in hand. (Actually, zealots are fine, welcome to the team!).

You have an understanding of the impact of engineering decisions on security posture. Critically, you know what you know and what you don’t know, and you know how to work with your “don’t know”.

We are a distributed company and always have been: You efficiently adapt to online tools and listen out for and support the rest of the team, whether that’s in-person or online.

We make solutions by looking at the problem from all angles; experience is important, data-driven decisions are grounded. We don’t sit around staring at a problem, sometimes the only way to learn is to build an MVP and put it in the hands of a real person.

What we use

We hire people who can adapt to technology demands. We don’t expect you to have experience with all the technologies that we use; we hire people who adapt quickly and are open-minded to using the best technology to solve problems.

  • Java, Typescript, React
  • AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, ECS
  • GitLab CI, Pulumi
  • Python, Langchain
  • Postgres, MongoDB, Redis, Neo4j, Elastic
  • Java, Spring Frameworks

What you will be doing

  • Architect, design, and develop reliable and secure software systems
  • Be a considerate team member; contribute to team working practices, as well as the wider organisation’s software engineering practices and processes
  • Consider the user at every step of the delivery process; from understanding the need to designing and delivering the solution
  • Take ownership, with the team, of software systems from conception and development, through live operation and decommissioning
  • Continually evaluate and improve how the team delivers
  • Always be learning; experimenting and ready to try something new
  • Support & mentoring within the development team as required

Your experience

We are looking for developers with a range of experience, from those just starting their career to those with decades under their belt. If you are keen to work with us, get in touch.


  • Remote (work from home), or
  • Work from one of our offices in London or Gloucestershire

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