Secure Collaboration Solutions

Smart, secure networks of connected people.

Secure, scalable collaboration solutions developed especially for organisations with the most demanding security requirements.


Development and integration of secure collaboration software ensuring those who need to know get to know, even where that information is sensitive.



Thought leadership, industry analysis and technical consultancy around collaboration and secure information sharing.



Secure collaboration technology deep support gives you unique access to the core platform developers.

"The best example of intelligent use of social technology for internal collaboration across the whole of the UK government"
Ian Watmore, Former UK Central Government CIO and Permanent Secretary for the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills

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TLS/SSL for applications : Right and Wrong ways to fix it.

Many applications use TLS/SSL to connect their components together. During development, unless you have lots of time and/or money you won’t have a signed certificate. Even if you have a free CA server, the chances are, your development instance was thrown up from Vagrant or a fresh AWS instance that doesn’t trust your CA. (Unless you … Continued

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