We’ve had to adapt to a world of routinely working from home faster than anyone could have planned for. We still need to access the same corporate systems but to do so, we need to exchange sensitive data across networks.

  • You need to do your work without being at work.

  • You need to access the same information, to connect and collaborate to maintain your advantage.

  • You need to do that in the knowledge that you are protected against the ever more sophisticated cyber threats.

Ensuring that you only share information with the right people shouldn’t be down to personal choice, or any ethical consideration; it is an essential enabler for collaboration on your most valuable information. The kind that gives an organisation its competitive advantage and keeps it one step ahead.

Join up people and organisations who are difficult to join up. Perhaps because they are geographically dispersed, or the nature of their business means they handle particularly valuable information and there are rules about sharing that information.

Our Expert Working

Surevine's successful track record in delivering Cross Domain Solutions means our customers can seamlessly collaborate over connected networks of differing trust levels. We break down boundaries and increase efficiency by enabling collaboration and intelligence sharing, without compromising security. Delivering the best outcomes given even the most challenging security constraints.

Surevine delivers solutions, which are relied upon by organisations with the most demanding security challenges and are designed to work across networks at different security levels.

From essential, everyday tasks like being able to manage your calendar when you’re working from home, to collaborating over your most sensitive documents. Cross domain solutions increase productivity and efficiency, allowing you to go beyond your existing job confines and moving to the next level of remote working.

Confidently share within the constraints of your own policies / rules

Federate approach: share outside the walled garden of your team / organisation

Join up with organisations / individuals simple, as / when you need to