• Winners of the Cyber Innovation Den 2020

    Surevine are crowned winners of the Cyber Innovation Den Pitching Competition 2020.

  • A virtual RLM

    We held our very first remote RLM, taking the best parts of all our previous RLMs and made them virtual!

  • Our new home in Cheltenham

    We moved into Hub8, our Cheltenham Hub at the heart of cyber in the UK.

  • One of the Surevine teams at the Crystal Maze

    Escaping the Crystal Maze

    Time for the Christmas RLM and this year we spent the day conquering the Crystal Maze.

  • 10th Anniversary celebrations

    Surevine celebrated their 10th Anniversary with a party and ate a lot of cake!

  • Announced as a Founding Member of LORCA

    Surevine were announced as a Founding Member of the London Office for Rapid Cybersecurity Advancement

  • Founding member of Konfer Trusted User Group

    Surevine became a founding member of the Konfer Trusted User Group to accelerate research partnerships with UK universities.

  • Surevine joins TechTalent Charter

    We are proud to be a signatory of @techcharterUK to drive diversity and success in the world of tech #techtalentcharter https://techtalentcharter.co.uk/

  • Our CEO joins PM on trade mission to Japan

    Surevine were one of the 15 leading UK companies invited to join the Prime Minister Theresa May on a trade mission to Japan

  • BCS Award Highly Commended!

    Surevine were "highly commended" at the BCS & Computing UK IT Industry Awards 2016 – Technology Excellence Section. This was for Threatvine, in the category of Security Innovation of the Year!

  • Cyber Essentials

    Having been awarded the 'Cyber Essentials' certification in March 2016, we worked hard and got awarded 'Cyber Essentials Plus' in May!

  • Shortlisted for "UK's Most Innovative Small Cyber Security Company"

    We beat some stiff competition and made the shortlist! We will be exhibiting in the UK Cyber Innovation zone at InfoSecurity Europe, which takes place 7 – 9 June at Olympia London.

  • Cyber Security Awards finalist

    We got shortlisted for the 'Innovative Product of the Year' category for the Cyber Security Awards! Celebrations on June 20th...

  • #STEMCyberGirls2015

    We sponsored (and attended) the The National Museum of Computing & Cyber Security Challenge STEM/Cyber girls day at Bletchley Park. A real day of inspiration.

  • To prison we went...

    Our scheduled fun started with... a trip to prison! Also known as Mal Masion in Oxford. Delicious dinner followed by a ghostly tour... not one we will forget soon!

  • RLM in Brussels

    Surevine packed their passports and got ready to get their geek on at FOSDEM in Brussels. But first, an RLM in the Atomium and then our Christmas party… food cooked in beer!

  • XMPP Summit and FOSDEM

    XMPP Summit 17 took place just before FOSDEM weekend in Brussels, and four of our team headed over for 2 days to work with the XSF community. Here they can been seen modelling this years hoodies in a stylish orange…

  • We went to Washington... with the Prime Minister!

    Surevine were one of the 12 UK companies selected to join the Prime Minister David Cameron on his trade mission to Washington, to promote further cyber-security collaboration between the UK and US, including improving the flow of information between the US and UK about threats.

  • We went out into the wilderness

    Well, Wales... but that is pretty much the wilderness. For our Spring RLM we made our way to an unpronounceable town in South Wales for a team BBQ, archery and clay pigeon shooting. Let's just say some of the team are better sat in front of a computer than out in the wild.

  • We met the Queen (the actual Queen!)

    Our CEO Stuart Murdoch was invited to meet the Queen for the #TechAtPalace event, a gathering of digital entrepreneurs at Buckingham Palace. We couldn't resist sharing such a great photo!

  • We ran the Bupa 10k

    On Sunday 25th May 2014, 5 of our bravest team members pulled on their shorts and trainers and ran the Bupa 10k to raise money for our company charity, Lifelites. The support on the day and from all of our sponsors was amazing and they are still working on their fundraising efforts

  • Surevine's first RFC

    One of our Daves co-authored Surevine's first Standards Track RFC, on IMAP resynchronization extensions, published on the 23rd May 2014.

  • April RLM in Gloucestershire

    It was that time of year again... our RLM! We packed our bags and head to the south west for a day of innovation, sausages and wine.

  • XSF summit in Brussels

    Whilst Lloyd and Martin headed north from the Alps, Ash and Laura headed eastwards from the UK to meet up in Brussels for the XSF summit.

  • Buddycloud in the mountains

    Lloyd and Martin headed off to the Austrian alps for 5 days of concentrated hacking with the rest of thebuddycloud team.

  • FOSDEM 2014

    After the XSF summit Lloyd, Martin, and Ash were joined by several additional members of the Surevine team for 2 days of all things open source at FOSDEM 2014

  • XSF Board

    In October 2013, Laura (our Communication & Engagement Lead) was voted onto the XSF Board of Directors. Her geek status was confirmed.

  • Glasgow RLM 2013

    We took trains, planes and automobiles and made our way to a (surprisingly) sunny Glasgow! We spent 2 days talking about the future (John showed us the speedboat he wants), sharing ideas, watching Irish comedians and eating deep fried pizza; well, some of us did (and regretted it).

  • A very big house in the country

    For our summer RLM (real life meeting) we headed to a remote country house in Kent. Day 1 was spent around the kitchen table (literally) talking company strategy and plans for the future, and Day 2 was all about protecting ourselves against a zombie invasion by building huge catapults to hurl grapefruits from (we got a little carried away). The big house in the country was a great success, and we hope to make it an annual trip.

  • Day in the Life

    Our new interview style is past testing and underway! We invite candidates in for a day of co-working on an open source project; what better way to interview than to watch a coder write code and co-work with the team they are looking to join?! And a beer afterwards always helps.

  • XMPP Realtime Meetup

    With our love for XMPP and all things Realtime growing, we organised and sponsored the first XMPPUK Meetup at Moz Space. With such a great event, this is sure to be the first of many more.

  • Our 2nd UK GovCamp

    After a downfall of snow, the postponed GovCamp weekend finally happened! We were official sponsors again this year and had a great weekend meeting some great people. Oh, and we got our name on the t-shirts too!

  • FOSDEM Brussels

    Our 2nd trip to FOSDEM, and this time 3 of the team packed their bags and headed off to Brussels to spend a weekend talking about all things open source (with a little bit of beer and a few racks of ribs to keep them going).

  • Tradition broken, Christmas party time

    Much to the dismay of our Founders we broke tradition and had our Christmas party BEFORE Christmas. This time we celebrated at the Churchill War Rooms with a Victory Dinner in the Switch Room

  • Our Bristol hub opens

    The doors finally opened on our Bristol Hub at St Nicholas House (right next to Pieminister and BrewDog – a coincidence, we promise!) and the Surevine Goes 4th party followed soon after. Enough said about that

  • GCloud

    We went live on GCloud! After all the blood, sweat and tears our hard work had finally paid off

  • Realtime 2012 Portland, Oregon

    Our 2nd trip to Portland, this time for the Realtime conference and a chance to geek out and talk a lot about XMPP

  • Our trip to Glasgow

    We took our first out-of-England whole company trip and headed up to the land of kilts to visit our wee Scotsman in Glasgow. Much to the disappointment of one team member, we didn’t actually see anyone wearing a kilt.

  • Bupa 10k run

    We (or 1 of us at least) ran the Bupa 10k race for our sponsored charity LifeLites and raised an impressive £345

  • A move to Google Campus

    Our London hub moved (with TechHub) across the road to Google Campus and celebrated in style at the opening party – where there was a live rocket launch!

  • GovCamp 2012

    We sponsored and played a participating role at the weekend barcamp in London and were very proud to have our name on the t-shirt

  • London Elgg Meetup

    Having been involved with the Elgg community since we started, we sponsored the very first London Elgg Meetup and supplied plenty of locally brewed Kernel Ale to keep everyone happy

  • OSCON, Portland 2011

    Next stop on the road trip was Portland, Oregon for OSCON 2011, the worldwide open source convention. The Oregon Beer festival was the same week: coincidence?

  • Lifelites

    We became official sponsors for the charity LifeLites, and have been working hard to help them ever since

  • Geeking out at Bletchley Park

    We continued with the January Christmas party tradition and headed over to Bletchley Park for a day of code breaking and an evening of retro computer games (thanks to one of our team members!)

  • Hello TechHub

    We joined the new co-working space over at Silicon roundabout, TechHub, and moved one team member in as a permanent resident. Our London Hub was formed.

  • Our first intern

    We welcomed a summer intern to the team who worked with us to publish a research paper; " An investigation into the origins and nature of research into Social Networking"

  • Our first employee

    We hired our very first employee, and she is still with us today (and then we had some very “Dragons Den” photos taken).

  • Our date of incorporation

    We became a real company!

  • The idea for Surevine was born

    The name was formed over a few good bottles of wine (which very nearly resulted in us being called 'Shorevine' - a domain we still own actually).