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Smart secure networks of connected people

Threatvine puts the intelligence back into ‘threat intelligence’ – it puts your people first and helps to improve knowledge and understanding.

Threatvine helps organisations add context to the threat information that is shared with them, enabling threat analysts and incident responders to perform real-time collaborative cyber-security intelligence analysis.


  • Cross-sector sharing. Bring together business, government, law enforcement and academia.
  • Cross-organisational sharing. Enable your organisation to share knowledge between threat analysts and network defenders, down your supply chains, across your sector and out to the broader economy.
  • Intelligence sharing. Move beyond cyber security information sharing to collaborative cyber security intelligence analysis.

Information handling

  • Share with confidence. Enable your organisation to share, confident that the information shared will be handled appropriately by the recipient.
  • Cyber threat does not respect borders. But those borders - be they organisational or national - represent trust boundaries. Share cyber security information whilst understanding and respecting those trust boundaries. 
  • TLP. Natively supports features that mature cyber security organisations would expect, such as the Traffic Light Protocol (TLP).


  • Identity. Allow for Anonymous, but trusted, contributions
  • Reputation. Share information without attribution to yourself or your company to allay concerns about reputational damage or liability. 
  • Sharing by default. Ensures information is shared rather than withheld.


  • Private. Allows sharing within an industry sector or geographic region. Private nodes allow members to discuss and share information.
  • Open. Allows different industries to share information. Open nodes are perfect for general topic discussions.
  • Focussed. For specific events, such as sporting events. Focussed nodes enable sponsors and suppliers from all sectors to share information relevant to the event.

Exercise based trial

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Threatvine: the set-up

Available as SaaS and On Premise, your Threatvine can be configured to best meet your requirements.