Little British Battlers – The Fifth Dimension

Today, Surevine were announced as one of twelve companies selected to participate in the fifth TechMarketView Little British Battlers Day to be held in London on 26th November in association with MXC Capital. The twelve companies taking part in the day are: CommonTime eTech Solutions Fairsail Motionlab OSMO Data Technology Quickheart Rimilia Screendragon Software (Europe) Surevine Tascomi You … Continued

Dipping a toe into the world of PR…

As I am sure it is with all small companies, our early years were spent not so much about shouting about our achievements and successes, but instead having a team high-five when a great piece of work made our clients happy. And high-fiving again when a great talent joined the team. And again when we … Continued

XMPP Summit Day 1

Today I am attending my first XMPP Summit. As many of you know, I am no coder. So, what am I doing here? Late last year I was elected onto the XSF (XMPP Standards Foundation) Board – and no, this was not or my technical input. I am here to do what I do best; … Continued

Investors in People: The Standards and the lingo

For the first step of what is set to be an epic journey, I need to outline what the standards are (so we know where we are going and how far we have left to go) and start work on breaking down the lingo. The standard The lingo By lingo, I mean thinking about what … Continued

600 ways we said Merry Christmas

  Tis the season of mince pies, mulled wine, Christmas carols and crackers. Of festive celebrations, funny hats and a reason to be cheerful. Lest we forget, tis also the season of giving. So instead of sending cards, couriering gifts or throwing a party, we gave to those who need it most. Lifelites give kids with limited … Continued

Investors in People and SME’s: A match not quite made in heaven.

About a year ago I attended an introduction workshop to Investors in People (IiP). With people at the heart of Surevine, achieving a ‘Standard’ that recognised that seemed like a great idea. The IiP Standard is focused on people and people engagement. “It isn’t about systems, it’s about communication.” “Success lies with the management team.” “It is … Continued

Recruitment agents: how low can you go?

We received an email this morning from a recruiter we have never worked with (we won’t name and shame). Now, this is itself not out of the ordinary – we receive fishing emails from recruiters every day (do these emails ever work?! Anyway, that’s for another post). What is out of the ordinary is the … Continued

Surevine Q&A: Laura Gill

Credentials Role Communications & Engagement Lead Joined Surevine June 2009 The questions… What is your ‘alternative’ job title? Surevine’s Mum (or Mom as I would write it) How would you sum up your role in one sentence? Everything that doesn’t include writing code. Who is your geek idol? Without sounding too corny, the team I … Continued

Distributed not disengaged

Imagine your average large office full of people working in their little cubicles, all working on their own projects, on their own computer, with their own agenda. They clock in at 9am, clock out at 5.30pm (there is an hour lunch in there somewhere) and look forward to it being Friday. They are all working … Continued