Investors in People: The Standards and the lingo

For the first step of what is set to be an epic journey, I need to outline what the standards are (so we know where we are going and how far we have left to go) and start work on breaking down the lingo.

The standard

Investors in People

The lingo

By lingo, I mean thinking about what a ‘Top Manager’ ‘Manager’ ‘Line Manager’ etc. look like for a small company like Surevine. It is important to identify who those roles belong to in an SME now, ready for when we start breaking down each category’s requirements.

As a small company, Surevine has…

… Founders and Directors over Top Managers

Team Leaders or Senior Developers over Managers

 The team over Representative Groups. (Representative’s don’t really exist in small companies, as every person has a voice. Let’s see how we get on with just defining this as the team.)

Project teams over Teams

While the titles on the right might be clearly defined roles in a large company, I feel the titles on the left are more representative of the titles for a technology SME.

Next steps

I think with that all laid out, it’s time to get started!

With People at the heart of Surevine, my journey will begin with the Learning and Development Strategy.