Surevine went to Washington!

This week Surevine, as one of the 12 UK companies selected to join the Prime Minister David Cameron on his trade mission, went to Washington to promote further cyber-security collaboration between the UK and US, including improving the flow of information between the US and UK about threats.

As the company that built and still maintains the Cyber-Security Information Sharing Partnership (CiSP) platform which enables organisations to exchange cyber threat information in real time, on a secure and dynamic environment, whilst operating within a framework that protects the confidentiality of shared information, we were thrilled to be hand picked to join the mission.

In the words of Stuart Murdoch, our CEO:

“Greater collaboration between the UK and US is crucial to successfully detecting and combating cyber threats. We need solutions that help engender greater communication across all borders; between countries, industries and organisations. The Cyber-Security Information Sharing Partnership (CiSP) platform is one example of such collaboration, helping organisations form a united front against hackers, and share information securely about the nature of cyber attacks.”

And as if the trip wasn’t enough, Prime Minister David Cameron even had a few words to say about us:

“The UK is already leading the way in cyber security and this government is committed to ensuring it continues to be a leader in this multi-billion dollar industry.  That’s why on this trip I’m showcasing some of the leading UK cyber security companies including Surevine from London who will have the chance to meet investors and build their business in the US.”

What a great start to 2015!

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