John Atherton

Founder & CTO

With 25 years of software engineering experience, John has fulfilled most roles in the software engineering lifecycle; specialising in the disciplines of analysis, design and implementation, and most typically leading the development team. He is a Chartered Engineer (BCS), Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) accredited consultant and was a member of UK Government’s Cabinet Office’s Open Standard Board – our CTO is a man in the know.

What inspired me to do what I do?

When I was 14 my dad was writing a book for the BBC Micro (unbelievably people are still selling it on Amazon) and I was a guinea pig proof reader. I wrote a short piece of code to draw a bunch of randomly sized coloured triangles and I was hooked.

Biggest bugbear

Massive IT projects (actually make that any IT projects) that don't deliver value to their intended audience. It's a huge waste of scarce human potential (and then there's the cash).

Favourite gadget?

My Kindle Paperwhite. A weird one because the UI isn't great but the design is (at least for me), particularly the massive battery life, weight of the device and Whispersync.

Meet the team

  • Stuart Murdoch

    Founder & CEO

  • John Atherton

    Founder & CTO

  • Alec Sanderson

    Non-Executive Director

  • Jeremy Gardner

    Financial Director

  • Ash Ward

    Software Engineer

  • Dave Cridland

    Software Engineer

  • Gareth Ferrier

    Head of Engineering

  • Jonny Heavey

    Software Engineer

  • Laura Crossley

    Communications & Engagement Lead

  • Lewis Philbey

    Cyber-Security Lead

  • Martin Hewitt

    Software Engineer

  • Matt Vivian

    Software Engineer

  • Max Allan

    Linux Systems Administrator

  • Raphael L’Hoste

    Head of Operations

  • Simon Waters

    Devops & Security Engineer

  • Simon Wood

    Devops & Security Engineer