Surevine back in America!

The past two weeks have seen Surevine‘s leadership across the pond in Washington making appearances at both the Billington Cybersecurity Summit and the ISAO Standards Organisation International Information Sharing Conference.   Billington Cyber Summit   Day One Our CEO & Founder, Stuart Murdoch, headed out a day early as Surevine were invited, along with other … Continued

DRY principle with docker-compose

An oft-repeated and sensible principle in software engineering is DRY, or “don’t repeat yourself”. Here we will apply this principle to Docker compose files.

Building Docker images with Maven

To package our application, we’re going to be using Docker. The natural build language for Docker images are Dockerfiles, so we will use Spotify’s Dockerfile Maven plugin. This post is part of the “Spring Boot Primer” series. To make packaging as simple as possible, we will bind the Maven plugin’s build phases to the default build phases, so … Continued

Spring Boot 2.0 primer

Spring Boot is a very popular Java framework for creating standalone, production ready web applications. In this series of blog posts, we are going to walk through using Spring Boot 2.0 to build and deploy a simple CRUD REST application.

Keeping an eye on your website

I recently got embroiled in a discussion about NHS IT, and commented how people in the NHS need simple, cheap tools to help keep their head above water on maintaining systems, not necessarily complex security tooling. One practical example raised was website security, with a quick Google search revealing a number of websites under the … Continued install without Docker

The documentation on how to get things working is a little vague. It mostly refers to the Docker container, which I don’t like using, you never know what’s in there or what has been done that you might not like. Although, we’re running code straight off the internet anyway, so if people wanted to … Continued

TLS/SSL for applications : Right and Wrong ways to fix it.

Many applications use TLS/SSL to connect their components together. During development, unless you have lots of time and/or money you won’t have a signed certificate. Even if you have a free CA server, the chances are, your development instance was thrown up from Vagrant or a fresh AWS instance that doesn’t trust your CA. (Unless you … Continued

Amazon AWS and making use of dynamic IP addresses

If you ask AWS to give your instance a public address but don’t allocate an “Elastic IP address” then you get a dynamic address from a pool. That causes problems only when you stop/start (eg NOT when you reboot). So it will only bite you much, much, later. EIPs are in slightly short supply and … Continued

Surevine’s CEO joins PM Theresa May on trade mission to Japan

“As our closest security partner in Asia, we will discuss how we can work much more closely together on cyber security, counter-terrorism and defence – more important than ever in this uncertain world.” Prime Minister Theresa May, ahead of the trade mission to Japan. Our CEO Stuart Murdoch has today joined the UK Prime Minister … Continued