CyberUK19: Surevine head to Glasgow!

CyberUK 2019, the UK Government’s flagship cyber security event (and possibly one of Surevine’s flagship events too) is done for another year. Hosted by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), this year it travelled up to Glasgow following a very successful event in Manchester for 2018.  Surevine’s week started off making the trip to the … Continued

Arctic Security and Surevine add integrations to boost threat intelligence sharing and collaboration

Cybersecurity incidents and new regulation are driving authorities and enterprises to invest more in threat intelligence sharing and collaboration. To support this effort Arctic Security and Surevine have integrated their solutions for swift and effective incident detection, response and prevention. Arctic Security’s products automate handling of threat data and indicators of compromise in order provide … Continued

RSA Conference 2019: Better

Surevine are once again attending RSA Conference – the biggest cyber event globally. We go because it’s a unique opportunity to connect with people from all over the world, and get a sense of what’s the latest in the “business” of cyber security. There are many rising issues that cybersecurity faces: from new regulations, to … Continued

The Happy Medium in the Digital World

Last month, more than 30 million mobile phone users found out that they could not get access to their data service. Customers were outraged at no longer being immediately able to obtain all they information they needed at their fingertips. But of course 5 years ago, this wouldn’t have had quite the same impact. The … Continued

Surevine’s Top 5 Blogs of 2018

2018 has brought with it a lot of discussion, so we thought we’d share with you the 5 most popular blogs of this year! DRY Principle with docker-compose Our top blog of 2018 was part of our Spring Boot Primer series. In this blog post we finish creating the development and production environments in order … Continued

Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019

2019 is fast approaching, so how do we predict the cyber landscape will change across the course of the year? CEO & Founder of Surevine, Stuart Murdoch shared his predictions: “In the year of Brexit – a process dominated by debate about borders – a priority will be to reinforce, and not weaken, the cross-border … Continued

Diversity in Tech: Celebrating Stories of Inclusivity

Attend a typical tech industry event and what do you find? Usually, a lot of white men in suits. But the Parliament Internet, Communications and Technology forum (PICTFOR) are leading the way in trying to make a change. This is already a huge topic, with a number of companies having been formed to try and … Continued

User Story Analysis

The Problem There is a very common interaction that I’ve seen repeated in pretty much every project in every company I have ever worked for. It’s when a tester logs a bug and the developer argues that, actually, it’s working how it is supposed to work. The result of this is often a passive aggressive … Continued

Protocol Breaks

Little Bobby Tables Back in the day – and even today – one of the most common security flaws in websites was a “SQL Injection”. It’s where an attacker uses especially crafted data and puts it into innocent-looking fields within a form that are then used to construct a database query. Or, as XKCD readers … Continued

A Day In The Life

The most fun you can have whilst being judged by strangers. Let me start by saying that this is a misnomer. It’s a Half-day In The Life. A whole day would be intense, inconvenient for attendees, not to mention expensive for Surevine! I completed my Day In The Life about 8 months ago, and I … Continued