Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019

2019 is fast approaching, so how do we predict the cyber landscape will change across the course of the year? CEO & Founder of Surevine, Stuart Murdoch shared his predictions:

“In the year of Brexit – a process dominated by debate about borders – a priority will be to reinforce, and not weaken, the cross-border collaboration necessary to confront Cyber threats. Those threats not only don’t respect borders, they use them to their advantage.  It will be the year when the cyber security of supply-chains, often straddling those borders, will be foremost in the minds of Industry. In the face of newly hardened borders, we’ll need improved mechanisms to permit controlled information sharing necessary for prevention and facilitate cross-border co-ordination of incident response.”

Stuart Murdoch, CEO & Founder

Collaboration is more important than ever, with a growing need for solutions to help create communities across all borders; between countries, industries and organisations. 

2018 saw the introduction of the NIS Directive, meaning that each EU member state was required to establish a CSIRT, and for that CSIRT Network to promote swift and effective operational cooperation on specific cybersecurity incidents and sharing information about risks. Mandatory sharing is increasing, but we still need to encourage voluntary sharing and trust between borders. 

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