Surevine are looking for hands-on Technical Team Leaders with a blend of engineering and
leadership skills, and a track record delivering software that has significant and meaningful
impact on users.

The Opportunity

We have amazing engineering teams that are looking for experienced Technical Team Leads to help
them build secure, scalable, collaboration solutions for the most security conscious organisations,
enabling collaboration on their most highly sensitive information.
Surevine’s teams enjoy a degree of autonomy which is forged in their alignment to Surevine’s mission and
underpinned by co-operation and trust. Our team leads coach, support, and empower delivery teams to
achieve exceptional outcomes for our customers and users.

How we work

We work in self-managed teams; planning, researching, designing, developing, and problem-solving
together. We value empathy, courtesy, and communication skills as much as strong technical ability.
Our approach is genuinely agile; adopting and constantly refining the best software and systems
engineering practices from agile, XP, lean, systems engineering and design thinking.

What we use

  • Java
  • Spring Frameworks (Spring Data, Context, Web, WebFlux)
  • Spring Boot
  • Docker, Kubernetes
  • AWS
  • Linux
  • Elastic Stack
  • A variety of persistence technologies, SQL and NoSQL (Postgres, MongoDB, Redis etc.)
  • Version control, build tools, code-quality and testing tools (inc. Atlassian stack & GitLab CI)
  • Restful APIs and core HTTP & CSS
  • JavaScript and the surrounding ecosystem>/li>
  • Single Page Apps (e.g. React)
  • Application security and secure coding practices
  • Application integration points: e.g. SSO, SAML, LDAP, SSL/TLS
  • Working with Open standards / Open Source
  • XMPP

What you will be doing

  • Support, coach, and mentor the development team
  • Architect, design, and develop reliable and secure software systems
  • Communicate with customers, define roadmaps and scope, report and demonstrate progress
  • Monitor and control project spend
  • Be a thoughtful team member, contributing to team working practices, as well as the wider
    organisation’s software engineering practices and processes
  • Consider the user at every step of the delivery process; from understanding the need to designing
    and delivering the solution
  • Take ownership, with the team, of software systems from conception and development, through live
    operation and decommissioning
  • Always be learning

Your experience

This role demands a blend of engineering, interpersonal, and organisational skills. Great candidates will

  • Active listeners who build strong relationships with customers and colleagues
  • Empathetic communicators that help teams and customers make confident choices
  • Methodical organisers; able to plan software delivery and keep the team focused on the most important work
  • Experienced software engineers with a rich history of success and failure, and a vision for the future

Apply for the position of "Technical Team Lead"

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