RSA Conference 2019: Better

Surevine are once again attending RSA Conference – the biggest cyber event globally. We go because it’s a unique opportunity to connect with people from all over the world, and get a sense of what’s the latest in the “business” of cyber security.

There are many rising issues that cybersecurity faces: from new regulations, to yet another technology to eliminate passwords. RSA had so many possible choices for their theme this year; they decided to go with “Better” as their theme for the 2019 conference. They describe this as “working hard to find better solutions. Making better connections with peers from around the world and keeping the digital world safe so everyone can get on with making the real world a better place.” 

But we shouldn’t just use the one week of RSA to examine ourselves and look at how we are working with each other. We should constantly be looking for better.

Being better is something that really speaks to us at Surevine. Our vision is to ensure that our customers keep one step ahead of the cyber threat because of the smart collaboration technology which Surevine deliver. Because of this, we are constantly working to find the best solutions for our customers to enable them to collaborate in safe, trusted environments, and derive actionable intelligence from their threat intelligence.

Surevine at RSA 2019

Request an Executive Briefing at WeWork, 156 2nd Street, San Francisco

Monday 4th – Thursday 7th March

There’s an opportunity to schedule a one-on-one executive briefing with Surevine’s Founder and CEO, Stuart Murdoch.

During the briefing, you and your team will have the opportunity to discuss in detail your cyber security initiatives and how Threatvine is being used to move beyond cyber-security information sharing to collaborative cyber-security intelligence analysis – bringing collaborative insight to your threat intelligence.

Briefings will be held 1 block from Moscone Centre, at 156 2nd Street, San Francisco CA 94105.

To book your meeting slot, please click here.

RSA Conference 2019
San Francisco | March 4-8 | Moscone Centre